I got a Microsoft Surface RT a little over 2 weeks ago. I really like the hardware. Runs fast, display is good, and the build is solid feeling.


The touch cover keyboard is not that great and would advise to stay away from it at all cost. I will most like will get the type cover keyboard to replace it very soon. Bluetooth mice and head sets seem to work great.


Now about the “modern” UI. It was difficult to get used to it at first but, now I am starting to become a real pro at it, and like how it works. I can understand how the change can be frustrating for a lot of people.  For me it really does make sense in how it works.


The apps for the Surface RT are nice but not all of the mainstream ones are available in the store yet, but they have been coming. Some of the apps that are in the store are nice and like them better from the IOS ones.