Microsoft Surface RT

I got a Microsoft Surface RT a little over 2 weeks ago. I really like the hardware. Runs fast, display is good, and the build is solid feeling.


The touch cover keyboard is not that great and would advise to stay away from it at all cost. I will most like will get the type cover keyboard to replace it very soon. Bluetooth mice and head sets seem to work great.


Now about the “modern” UI. It was difficult to get used to it at first but, now I am starting to become a real pro at it, and like how it works. I can understand how the change can be frustrating for a lot of people.  For me it really does make sense in how it works.


The apps for the Surface RT are nice but not all of the mainstream ones are available in the store yet, but they have been coming. Some of the apps that are in the store are nice and like them better from the IOS ones.


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Gets FreeBSD


The Reasberry Pi Just got a unoffical image of FreeBSD. FreeBSD is a free Unix-like operating system descended from AT&T UNIX via BSD UNIX.   This is not an official release; this image has been built by the FreeBSD community. the Raspberry Pi foundation does expect an official release from FreeBSD at some point. Go check it out!



Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Craze


Well I got a Raspberry Pi about a week go. I must say it’s been fun tinkering with it. Mostly been getting quake 3 running on it an playing with other loads, right now I am testing a xbmc load on it, and its working very well.

Follow the link for more on the Raspberry Pi.


IPv6 Is Finally Here…


About a year ago many Internet service providers and online resources put IPv6 through a test run. And in less than 2 days most of those same IPv6 testers will turn on IPv6 for good. So the question is do you need to worried about this? Most likely not, because the IPv4 protocol that makes up the backbone of the Internet is not going to suddenly shut off, and it’s not going away completely any time soon. The main reason for all of this, is to give plenty of room for growth and enhance security using the IPv6 protocol .


If your hardware and software isn’t compatible with IPv6, don’t get worried. IPv6 is backwards compatible with IPv4, and the Internet will continue running both in parallel for some time. You don’t need to run out and get IPv6 equipment this week, but you should definitely make sure any future purchases are ready to work with IPv6.


to get more infomation about IPv6 and IPv6 DAY checkout;


The Jawbone UP! Band, what a joke.


I has some high hopes on this device, but it was flawed in a lot of ways. What it really actually did seemed so lacking. To put the final nail in the coffin, the first generation had major failure rates, they just would die. For the few weeks that mine was working, I was left wanting more that it could not give. eventually mine even died. I did not bother to get it replaced, I just was not going to use it.

Minecraft, what’s it all about?


Minecraft is a sandbox building game. Minecraft is focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. In the base game there are basically two game modes survival and health and hunger. However people have started to setup community servers that allow for all kinds of build and maker type projects. Minecraft is also starting to see all kinds of modified clients, servers and add-ons that allow for further items to build and make with. I have to say it’s somewhat amazing what people are doing with this game.

A friend of mine and I have been poking around with the game. We have even have started our own Minecraft community server Outlandcraft We are not open to the public as or yet, but are building to that goal very quickly. Check the Outlandcraft website for details.

Electronic music by Vanderson


I like electronic music a lot. I have been following this guy on you tube for some time now Vanderson. His music is very influenced by Tangerine Dream, but his music is always moving for me. Here is a you tube video of his latest Electronic Impressions; Part 9.

I hope you enjoy it as I do.

Merry Christmas!


I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Domain transfer complete…


Yesterday I was able to get my domain transfer done. I am now 100% at hostgater. I think it’s been good to get away from godaddy with all the bad press and SOPA issues as of late. Not to mention my issues. So far hostgater has been really good during the move.

Now and things to come.


Some things that have been working on. I have moved my web
host From godaddy to hostgator. So far it’s been a smooth transition.  All that’s left is godaddy to release the domain
to host gator. During this time I have been revamping my site and social networks.
This blog is a part of the work I have been doing. I have decided that I will
what I can to the blog, but most like just one or two times a week, Just


With Christmas and the new year coming up. I want to start
having a new outlook of things to come, and to try very hard to improve my heath
and quality of life. I want to work on improving my skill sets, and to become
more active with my family and friends.  I
know I have a very challenging new year, but when I reach my goals, I believe
things will be better.

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